The grinding and microfinishing machines which Nissei manufactures add value to your workpiece by precise machining. It is similar as to bringing forth a jewel from raw gemstones… like the hands of a skilled artisan to polish a jewel both meticulous and efficient… Our machines and company continue striving for "SKILL" seeking new Technology, step by step.

Company Name Nissei Industry Corporation
Establishment July 1, 1979
Toyama Headquarter & Plant
2-3-4 Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama-city,
Toyama 939-2366, Japan [Map]
TEL:076-455-3755 FAX:076-455-9060
Osaka Technical Center
3-9-12 Meishinguchi, Toyonaka-city,
Osaka 561-0841, Japan [Map]
TEL:06-6332-8510 FAX:06-6332-8520
Chubu Office
Heart Hills Kariya Building 2A-1
1-29 Takamatsu-cho, Kariya-city,
Aichi 448-0853, Japan [Map]
TEL:0566-22-7620 FAX:0566-22-7621
Kanto Office
Y’s Precious VI 102, 335-4, Kokusaiji,
Fukaya-city, Saitama 366-0033, Japan [Map]
TEL:048-551-5112 FAX:048-551-5113
Capital 95,000,000 yen
Employees 96
Main bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Toyama Branch
Boards of directors Masatoshi Tagawa, Director
Fumitaka Takiuchi, President
Masaaki Yamaguchi, Production Managing Director
Naoki Nakamura, Sales Director
Turnover 2,611,000,000 yen (2021)
3,214,000,000 yen (2022)
3,056,000,000 yen (2023)
New hires 3 : (2021)
3 : (2022)
4 : (2023)


1979 Established as Nissei Industry Corporation in Mino-city, Osaka, Japan.
1980 Developed the first vertical double disk surface grinder by original concept and design.
1982 Developed Workdrive grinding method for double disk surface grinders.
1985 Relocated to a new manufacturing plant in Toyonaka-city, Osaka.
1986 Capital increased to 50,000,000 yen.
Developed the first superfinishing machine.
1987 Developed the first single disk surface grinding & superfinishing combination machine.
1990 Relocated to a new manufacturing plant in Yatsuo, Toyama to increase production capacity.
1991 Capital increased to 95,000,000 yen.
1995 Developed the vertical double disk surface grinder model V-250 capable to grind an ultra-thin (0.3mm) part, first in the world.
1996 Developed the first combination machine of double disk surface grinding and superfinishing.
Transferred headquarters to Yatsuo, Toyama.
1998 Developed new Workdrive grinding method for ultra-thin parts and installed to a vertical double disk surface grinder.
2002 Developed the vertical double disk surface grinder model V-570PDR for automotive brake rotors.
2004 Recorded 1,500th machine shipment.
2006 Achieved 500th shipment of V-5 series machine.
2007 Launched new horizontal double disk grinder, the H-series.
2011 Achieved 2,000 Nissei machines shipment.
Completed a lunchroom building (canteen).
2012 Acquired ISO9001/ISO14001 certifications at Toyama Headquarter & Plant.
Completed a main spindle assembly building in Toyama plant.
2014 Established Osaka Technical Center in Toyonaka-city, Osaka.
2017 Exhibited the first double disk surface grinder model V-5M equipped with Siemens controller at EMO Hannover 2017.
2018 Developed the vertical double disk grinder model V-4PW for easy automatic material handling during carrier oscillation grind cycle.
2020 Developed the vertical double disk surface grinders, model VP4-500RW and VP3-400RW for cutting inserts.
Developed the vertical double disk surface grinder model VK-1 for small and thin components.
2021 Exhibited and announced the new models at Grinding technology Japan 2021.
2022 Nissei Industry Corporation established our subsidiary, Nissei USA Inc. in Livonia, Michigan, on June 1, 2022, and started operations on July 1.

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