Quality & Equipment

Nissei always strives to provide valued products to meet customer needs through designing/manufacturing of grinders and superfinishers based on cultivated technical strength, while realizing the contribution to environmental protection and conservation with the principle of "Customer first".
Nissei agrees to observe prevention of environmental pollution, related laws, regulations and requirements. Moreover, Nissei operates a quality/environmental management system according to the following mission criteria, and works on continuous improvement of the system effectiveness.

NISSEI Industry Corporation

Our missions criteria 
1. We prevent the occurrence of defective parts by purchasing management.
2. We realize cost savings by reducing quality defects. 
3. We penetrate cost management by enhancement of cost estimate accuracy. 
4.We strive to reduce environmental load by design, considering environment and safety. 
5.We move ahead on energy saving activity by decreasing electricity usage. 
Fumitaka Takiuchi, President

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